TruBend5130 press brake

The latest of the 12 NC-controlled press brakes at BVS Blechtechnik is the TruBend 5130X. For a few weeks now, the manual bending machine with its adapted tools has been handling a wide range of products, from simple to complex components – for small to 1000-piece quantities. It scores points with its easy-to-use programming system for automatic calculation of the bending program.

The versatility of the new press brake from Trumpf matches the wide range of products at BVS. The tools with specially adapted bending radii are suitable for customized parts. Parts with additional bends or complex folds can be produced quickly, as the lower tool clamp can be moved to two positions and is therefore flexible. Even large-volume components with large box dimensions can be easily bent over the large opening width.

Orders with different quantities can be produced quickly on the TruBend. The new TecZone Bend programming system, which creates an automatic program proposal directly on the machine based on 2D and 3D data, ensures rapid processing. The calculation takes just a few seconds. The display then shows the bending sequence and where the bending stop should be located. The intuitive multi-touch unit, similar to a smartphone, gives the operator quick and easy control. With the connection to the network, all programs are stored and can therefore be called up for follow-up orders. Other features of the new press brake include maximum part accuracy and precise angles from the first part. The 4-cylinder drive technology and the pressing force of 130 t support the precision during bending.

BVS Blechtechnik has many years of process experience in bending sheet metal parts, which has been one of the core services in sheet metal processing for 29 years. In addition to the new TruBend 5130X all-round machine, BVS offers other efficient bending technologies with robot systems and automatic tool changers as well as a folding center.

Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik