Arbeitgeber Siegel der Zukunft

BVS Group – Employer of the future

We are delighted to have been awarded the Employer of the Future: digital, innovative and modern seal again this year, as we were in 2023. The German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation awards the BVS Group the Employer of the Future award on the basis of its successful audit process.

Despite ups and downs, the technical industry will always be in demand in the various metal and sheet metal processing sectors.

If there was no more metal processing:

  • How would various medical devices for hospitals then be manufactured?
  • Where would we store life jackets in aeroplanes?
  • How could we use monitors and keyboard boards in public places if they are not protected by a metal housing?
  • Where would we store cables and electrical equipment if switch cabinets were no longer made of metal, and in this day and age, they are central,
  • Where would we store the technical contents of laptops and PCs if laptops and PC cases were no longer manufactured?

Conclusion: Metalworking is always needed! If you are inspired, take a look at and become part of our network.

We look forward to exchanging ideas and exciting new sheet metal projects!