Zeiss measuring machine

Medical components, parts for safety engineering or housings for industrial computers – those products and even more BVS Blechtechnik manufactures meticulous on numerus CNC machines. To meet the high quality requirements relating to position tolerance for sample parts BVS Blechtechnik uses a second coordinate measuring machine – the Zeiss Contura – since harvest. This measuring machine documents economically and quickly adherence to standards for parts and modules.

“We would like to grow with increased customer demands and are thus measuring with the Zeiss Contura according to standards which indicate detailed geometric dimensions of sheet metal parts”, describes Harald Steiner, Managing Director of BVS Blechtechnik. Only a few sheet metal manufacturers are able to verify according to the standard ISO 8015/ 14405 and 1101. At BVS the Zeiss Contura ensures this for initial sampling: instrument technicians program with product and manufacturing information of CAD models with the easy to learn Zeiss software Calypso the measurement plan for sheet metals parts. Characteristics like circles, lines or planes are fast and extensive determined through scanning the surface of parts and are evaluated in a measuring report. Thereupon the customer releases documents and the serial production of sheet metal modules starts.

Due to the measuring range of 900/1600/800 mm (X/Y/Z) also big parts are measured, such as large bending parts for loud speaker grids. The basis for maximum flexible measuring is the RDS articulating probe holder. It is particularly well-suited for measuring complex parts, where features require many styli with different spatial directions. It reaches up to 20,736 positions in 2.5-degree increments – thus providing access to every part feature. Furthermore, the RDS-CAA for touch-trigger and measuring sensors leads to shorter calibration times.

State-of-the-art machinery marks the production of BVS Blechtechnik. The 3D measuring machine Zeiss Contura completes the technologically advanced level and offers an optimum of quality assurance in compliance with latest Standards.

Pictures: BVS Sheet Metal Technology