Robot powder coating system

At BVS Blechtechnik, we also pay attention to “external values”. Our fully automatic powder coating system is responsible for this, which gives the sheet metal parts their coat of paint. At the beginning of the year, this was equipped with two new powder robots from the company. CMA Robotics modernizes. Thanks to the simple, self-learning programming of the robots, the various metal components receive a faster and more precise coating for protection, finishing or as a design element.

“The automatic powder coating system at BVS Blechtechnik has been providing reliable service for 17 years. The previous robots have now been replaced by two new state-of-the-art painting robots in January,” explains Harald Steiner, Managing Director at BVS. The special feature of these robots is their simple programming. In so-called “self-teaching” programming, the painter uses a joystick to guide the robot through an entire spraying cycle. The computer saves all the painting paths and executed commands so that they can then be repeated on the subsequent parts at the required speed and with smooth movements. The operator can easily correct any errors, such as the powder quantity, while the sample is still being processed. The painting program is thus created within a few minutes and can be called up immediately for subsequent jobs via the network connection. The applied powder has a more even coating result after baking in the oven. This programming method is particularly suitable for many different component shapes, for complicated workpieces and also for small parts. In addition, the extremely agile robots, equipped with a 6-axis arm, enable greater production reliability.

In future, point-to-point programming will be selectable. This is more advantageous for large pieces of sheet metal with a flat surface, as the robot memorizes movements – by means of manual point-to-point input – and generates a uniform swing. The various parameters are entered via a hand-held device. After this “superficial” treatment, the products shine with a high-quality appearance and coloring. In a final phase, the individual parts are assembled into modules and complete end devices before they leave our company as medical devices, measuring devices or housings for the electrical engineering industry, for example.

Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik