Internal logistics modernized

As the interface between production processes, incoming goods, warehouse and dispatch, internal logistics plays an important role in production companies. Since this fall, internal transport work at BVS Blechtechnik has been even faster, contributing to a more efficient production process. The internal material flow has been restructured with the help of new storage system technology, the use of barcodes and a strengthened logistics team.

When you enter the production halls at BVS, you will notice various stops, e.g. in the bending department, welding, punching or assembly. These are not bus stops for employee transportation, but so-called goods issue stations and pick-up stations for logisticians and specialists. This is where the logistics specialists deliver or collect materials and manufactured goods.

The skilled workers in a production department, on the other hand, concentrate fully on the productive task at the machine and in the department. The occasional time-consuming search by a worker for parts or tools for the next operation is no longer necessary. The skilled worker scans the work order using the barcode and recognizes the storage location for the required materials in the system so that they can be removed. In addition, the digital recording eliminates the possibility of incorrect data entry. Conveniently, the storage locations are located directly in the department, in some of the newly installed shelves. These production racks have been labeled with a new storage system as part of the restructuring and are logically structured according to departments, levels and storage locations.

The special feature of the warehouse software is the design of the to-do lists and the color coding of the operating orders. Head of Logistics, Simon Geist, explains: “The adapted system makes it possible to immediately track where production goods are located. Another new feature is that the to-do lists are now only stored in digital form and the required quantities, drawings, set-up plans and images can also be seen at a glance.” After a six-month planning phase for the project, BVS Blechtechnik’s internal logistics have been operating with leaner processes and shorter routes for production employees since late summer.


Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik