Contract extension BVS Chenghua

What began ten years ago with the founding of the joint venture BVS Chenghua Co., Ltd. in China is now a solid relationship with the partner company. BVS Blechtechnik customers from the electrical engineering and medical technology industries value and trust the services of the Chinese sheet metal processor. To mark the 10th anniversary, the management traveled to Jinan in March to thank the company for the successful collaboration by extending the contract for another ten years.

To kick off the three-day trip, Mr. Yulai Zhou, Managing Director of BVS Chenghua, welcomed his guests with a short city tour of the eastern Chinese city of Jinan. The joint venture is located in the rich industrial province of Shandong, around 380 km south of Beijing. Meetings on the approximately 6400 m² site then focused on the economic report and the future strategic direction.

Since 2008, BVS Chenghua has been manufacturing not only small parts such as shielding hoods or cover plates, but also complete assemblies and housings. And all in accordance with the international quality standard TS 16949. Last year, BVS Chenghua produced at a very high capacity utilization rate. The start to 2018 saw sales double compared to January 2017. “We are very satisfied with our Chinese partner company BVS Chenghua. BVS Chenghua generates around 20% of its total turnover from sheet metal parts for Böblingen. These include housings and accessories for industrial automation from one of our largest customers. We would like to thank Yulai Zhou and the 102 employees for their reliable cooperation and look forward to another successful decade,” announces Harald Steiner, Managing Director of BVS Blechtechnik. The majority of BVS Chenghua’s customers come from its own acquired businesses, particularly in the automotive sector. To this end, the Chinese management invested in quality assurance using appropriate measuring machines, for example.

The high technical level of the systems ensures the competitiveness of BVS Chenghua in view of the recent strict state environmental and emission targets in China. The two powder coating plants, including the surface pre-treatment plant, comply with the waste water controls of the supervisory authority. In recent years, the Chinese partner company has also succeeded in establishing a modern natural gas pipeline network as an energy source for production. This enabled energy costs to be cut by up to 50% in a safer and more environmentally friendly way. The two companies, BVS Chenghua and BVS Blechtechnik, are united by a strong focus on quality for sophisticated, customer-specific products, which equips them for a promising future together.

Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik