BVS increases production capacities for stamped parts

Additional TruPunch 5000 punching machine serves high order backlog
We fulfill almost every customer request. And when two major customers increase their order volume by up to 140% and signal even more potential, the management of BVS Blechtechnik pulls out all the stops to expand production capabilities and make quick adjustments. Since March, a second TruPunch 5000 punching machine from Trumpf has been taking over the enormous demand for punched parts, including forming and countersinking.

“The existing 5000 punching machine is already working to full capacity until October 2022, so we decided to install another modern TruPunch 5000 at short notice to meet the extremely strong demand for punched parts,” explains Maximilian Steiner, member of the management board. For one customer alone, who is active in the market for ATMs and POS systems, among other things, BVS recorded a 140% increase in sales last year. BVS Blechtechnik would like to continue to support this and other long-standing business partners in the expansion of their innovative technical products and provide the increased order for sheet metal parts as well as assemblies in the desired quantity.

After initial discussions with the machine manufacturer Trumpf at Blechexpo in November 2021 and further intensive coordination, a brand new system was delivered to the Böblingen plant in mid-February. The new punching machine takes the place of the previous Lasbend AJ laser cutting and bending combination from Amada. The versatile Amada sheet metal center was the last of its kind in the world and unfortunately had to make room because of downtime in 2021 due to a lack of spare parts. The top priority for BVS management was to find a machine that was available at short notice and to integrate it quickly into the existing machine park.

High quality and diverse contours from sheet metal

The new and second TruPunch 5000 offers the highest productivity and part quality for BVS. With 1,600 strokes/minute it punches extremely fast and with its active die ensures low-scratch parts on medium-format blanks. The machine also produces forming and countersinking and cuts threads. Another point in favor of the Trumpf system is the approximately 3,000 special tools available, which the TruPunch 5000 can use to realize the enormous variety of orders at BVS. In addition, thanks to the retractable clamping claws, more parts can ideally be produced per sheet. Intelligent functions such as Smart Punch Monitoring detect before the tool change whether a hole has actually been punched in the sheet or whether a punch has broken, thus shortening problem situations.

Our consultants work closely with our customers to discuss the optimum production sequence for cost-effective manufacturing in sheet metal. We know no standstill in the perfection of our processes but continuously adjust our processes and state-of-the-art machine technology.