Social commitment

Help for children with cancer, school children in India and Nepal
This year we are again happy to be able to give medical care, schooling, food and thus a piece of happiness to those in need with our donations to three organizations. Our thanks go to the staff and organizers of the children’s cancer station of the Olgahospital in Stuttgart, the Gandhi-Club Deutschland e.V. and the association for Nepal aid SpesMea Nepal e.V. for their great commitment to children.

Since this year we participate with a goodparenthood and donations in SpesMea Nepal e.V., an association that mainly supports school children. The founder, Andrea Berner, brought school utensils, children’s clothes and donations to remote villages during her visit to Nepal in the summer of 2021. She also collected for the outbuilding of a kitchen or for the rent of a sewing store. The money from SpesMea Nepal e.V. goes directly and without detours to the people and places that need it. In the internet blog Andrea Berner reports about the donation distribution in the mountains of Nepal: “…Wonderful people came and went and in their eyes there was always gratitude and connection…”. Through various projects, this association enables children and young people in India to attend school and receive vocational training.

The Gandhi Club-Germany supports orphans and children from poor families, so that they get something to eat and do not have to do child labor. Above all, they can learn to write, read and calculate and thus have a real perspective to pursue a profession as a seamster, carpenter or electrician. We have been making donations to the Olgahospital at the Klinikum Stuttgart for many years, thus helping to maintain and improve the work with children suffering from cancer. Since both the health insurance companies and the state do not have unlimited funds available, we help to provide the best possible care for the young patients with our donation contribution.