BVS supports SpesMea Nepal e.V.

Sponsors wanted: thanks to donations, children in Nepal can look forward to going to school

Andrea Berner, the founder of SpesMea Nepal e.V., only returned from her annual trip to the remote village of Hill in the Solukhumbu region, south of Mount Everest, at the end of April. She personally delivered the collected donations to the poor families and, with the help of sponsorships, is currently enabling 79 children to make a small contribution to their school attendance. Three siblings, Kandi, Chonge and Kanchi, are now pupils at a school in Kathmandu, where they live in a hostel far away from their families and make the most of their opportunity for education.

Visibly moved, Andrea Berner writes in her Internet blog: “They are three wonderful children…and it’s nice to see them every year…The list of our candidates for a 10-euro sponsorship has of course become a little longer. I am happy about everything we can make possible…Thank you to everyone who supports, helps and accompanies us in any way.”

You too can help the mountain inhabitants of Hill with a donation, a 10-euro sponsorship or a partial sponsorship. They have to feed themselves from meagre farming and in some cases have no money for medical care or school attendance for their children!

The money from SpesMea Nepal e.V. goes directly and without detours to the people and places that need it. Berner, a full-time teacher, organizes the aid with enormous personal commitment and spares no effort or expense for her protégés in Nepal. Silvia and Harald Steiner, management at BVS, have themselves taken on several sponsorships in Nepal and regularly entrust SpesMea with donations. Silvia Steiner explains: “Ms. Berner has an extraordinary passion for her association SpesMea Nepal e.V.. After every trip to Nepal, she is deeply moved by the poor living conditions and the need for help of the children and families in Nepal’s mountains. We are happy to support Mrs. Berner with our help and to enable the people in the village of Hill to visit doctors, pay for medicines or motivate parents to send their children to school through financial aid. By enabling these children to start school, they may be able to develop prospects for their future.”

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