Tuesday, 07.03.2023, 05:45
Good morning everyone. It's still really early. I'm looking forward to my taster day in logistics today. I've been working in marketing at the BVS Group since January 2023. So that I can get to know the production areas better, I'm planning "taster days" in the individual areas and will report back. Today I will be looking over the shoulder of my colleague Ray.

At the start of the early shift, all the lights are switched on and the doors and roller shutters are opened. We start the day in the shipping area. At the beginning here, as in all other departments, the emails and the central to-do list are checked as part of the ABAS system. This indicates when which goods have to be shipped. The ABAS system is the linchpin, both in production and in administration. Labels can be created and much more, virtually an all-rounder...

All orders that are sent on to external manufacturers or to the customer after completion must be given priority. The volume of external and internal logistics tasks varies from day to day. On some days, the team leader organises reinforcement from other areas in order to keep up the fast pace.

Ready for the first trip
Startklar zur ersten Fahrt
Various e-mails indicate the provision of remaining quantities. After all new e-mails have been answered, the first trip with the pallet truck to the warehouse starts, with the information by e-mail that remaining quantities, articles and packaging materials from the warehouse are needed in various areas to supplement or pack orders or to replace defective material.

During the journey, a quick look at the integrated laptop for the operating orders and further mail information.

Every item that is ready contains a BA, operating order, in which all internal and external work orders are specified.

During the individual journeys, it is always important to check the individual logistics stops: If there are new goods ready for transport or if they are marked with a red operation order, the goods must be transported and passed on promptly.


Storage and retrieval in high shelves
When storing and retrieving goods from high shelves, it is central importance to scan the storage location in the shelf as well as the barcode of the operating order for the product in each case, so that the goods are booked in or out in the ABAS system and all colleagues have an overview where the goods are currently located. This can be done very comfortably from a distance of 5-6m from the high rack.

Rush Hour Preparation & Dispatch
Vorbereitung-zur-Rush-Hour-VersandFrom about 7:30 a.m. onwards, the pace of work increases rapidly, the journeys become faster, communication shorter and there is more focus on the central information.

In the meantime, there are also trips without me, so that no work orders pile up. In the meantime, I get an overview of the ready-packed goods, waiting in their "parking spaces" for their respective forwarders to pick them up.

In the shipping area I learn that most parcels and goods are sent within Germany, but many also make a journey across the globe.

For me personally, the automatic wrapping machine for packing Euro pallets was also interesting, because in the past I have already manually wrapped parcels on pallets with film for trade fairs in the past...


Rush Hour
Rush HourIn the period 10:00 - 12:00 hrs, the rush hour starts in the logistics and shipping area. This means most of the trucks from the various companies and forwarding agents arrive to pick up or deliver goods. A large Excel table provides an overview of the different forwarding conditions, on which days of the week pick-ups take place, parcel sizes and minimum parcel quantities... Sometimes it's like a "pigeon coop" during this time for deliveries and pick-ups. As the lorry drivers have little time, things have to move very quickly. It is also very important to pay attention to the lorry transport conditions, as companies are also liable if lorries are loaded with excess weight.


Fresh energy
At 10:30 we suddenly realise that the pallet truck has become tired and needs fresh energy at its charging station, so a quick swap. With a freshly charged replacement pallet truck, the journey continues. Our first vehicle will now charge fresh energy for about ½ day.

Territory view & complaint goods
After the snack break, a tour of the production follows. The individual departments are examined with a critical "precinct view", what is ready at the seven logistics stops, what topics follow next? Complaint goods that are returned to BVS by the customer need a special organisation so that they can be integrated into the internal processes and procedures of BVS. I learn that this is coordinated via the team leaders.

Next stop: a visit to Hall 4:
Ein Besuch in Halle 4Boxes that have travelled a long way are stored here. Overseas goods arriving in Hall 4 are received and re-sorted by Andreas.

Empties, boxes and overseas pallets are stored here. I didn't know, for example, that there are special overseas pallets.

Large waste water canisters (oil and powder residues) from the various machines are stored here until they are properly disposed of.


Conclusion: professional scrap disposal
What happens to a defective part? In the case of rejected parts from quality management, there is a consultation with the welding team leader as to whether it may be shipped. A single defective part is recorded in the ABAS system and it is noted that the delivery will be sent with one part less. Scrap bookings and larger quantities are coordinated and controlled by the team leaders.

A big thank you to Ray and the logistics team for my day in your department.
Logistics - A very complex job where you always have to keep a cool head, physical fitness is required, speed, high concentration and a clear overview. An eventful, also sporty and very concentrated working day lies behind me. I am already looking forward to my next "taster day" and will report back...

Many greetings, Nina