Individual products for technical applications.

We at BVS Blechtechnik give raw sheet metal form and function. Manufacturing of individual sheet metal products is part of our daily routine. Whether simple bent part, 19'' housing for audio technology, battery system for solar power storage or indoor touch display, we produce everything your heart desires.

With experience across all industries our team will define your product that it will function to your satisfaction. This includes feasibility analysis at the time of offer, a reliable production commitment and the highest delivery reliability. One of our strengths is the assembly of electronic modules. In the secured ESD assembly area, our experienced staff assembles all sheet metal parts, bent parts, purchased parts and electronic components into one unit. Our colleagues in the project support will coordinate the ideal complete solution with you.

Before the devices are shipped or stored, each device is tested and we record this test in detail - thus we reliably deliver the desired quality.

Housing for video transmission

Production of all components as well as complete assembly including functional testing.

Industry: Telecommunications

Function: System for video/audio transmission for broadcasting stations.

Performances BVS: Punching, laser cutting, grinding, welding, riveting, ESD assembly incl. purchased parts, function test with documentation.

21'' machine monitor

Sophisticated production of the stainless steel housing with elaborate design.

Industry: Electrical engineering industry

Function: Touch monitor for machine control.

Performances BVS: Punching, laser cutting, grinding, welding, sealing according to IP 65.

Component for electrosurgery

Industry: Medical Technology

Function: Used in electrosurgery.

Performances BVS: Production of stainless steel base plate. Processes: Stamping, laser cutting, degreasing, deburring, long tape grinding, grinding, powder coating, bending, riveting. Riveting of sheet metal base plate, rear wall and various brackets.

Housing for flue gas analyser

Powder coated aluminium housing inclusive silk screen printing and assembly.

Industry: Metrology

Function: Flue gas analyser provides heating specialists comprehensive results of emissions.

Performances BVS: Stamping, laser cutting, cleaning, trimming, grinding, bending (manual or supported by robot), pressing clinching studs and clinching nuts, powder coating, silkscreen printing, mechanical assembly, logistic concept.

Outdoor Touch Display

55'' displays with integrated LED design elements on both sides.

Industry: Digital Signage

Function: Information platform/service point on the education campus.

Performances BVS: Complete manufacturing of the metal housing including powder coating and assembly.

Center console for aircraft seats

Aluminium lightweight housing for storage of consumer electronics and life jackets.

Industry: Aviation Industry

Function: For use in premium economy class seats for consumer electronics, life jacket and cocktail table.

Performances BVS: Housing consists of more than 500 single parts. We produce all sheet metal parts. Processes: stamping, laser cutting, bending, riveting. Assembly of produced sheet metal components with purchased turned and milled parts to a complete module.

Luggage trolley deposit system

Complete housing in stainless steel, component production and assembly.

Industry: Shopfitting, deposit systems.

Function: In exchange for a deposit, passengers can get their hands on luggage trolleys available at Frankfurt am Main Airport.

Performances BVS: drafting, stamping, laser cutting, cleaning, trimming, grinding, bending (manual or supported by robot), pressing clinching studs and clinching nuts, welding, laser welding, clinging, bolt wending, long tape grinding, glass bead blasting, electropolish, mechanical assembly.

Industrial PC System

Production of complete parts as well as ESD-assembly.

Industry: IT

Function: Industrial PC system

Performances BVS: conversion of supplied design data in production data, production of complete parts. Processes: Laser cutting, grinding, bending, pressing, laser welding, powder coating, silk screen printing, assembly.

Mailbox - Parcel-Box - 1,5mm polished stainless steel

Production of all individual parts. In addition, two parts of the assembly get a laser engraving (external service provider).

Industry: Shipping - Logistics

Function: Letters and parcels can be dropped off when the owner is not at home. The parcel can be inserted from the front and removed from the back secured by a lock. The mechanism is designed in such a way that they cannot be removed from the front once they have been inserted.

Performances BVS: laser cutting, deburring, bending, welding and bolting

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