Projects for sheet metal products

BVS manufactures customer specific assembly groups and semifinished parts and housings and prototypes and racks in mass production or in short runs with high quality and precisionBVS produces everything made of sheet metal. And a little bit more. We embrace that with the term “customer specific solutions”. From the single part to mass production, from a bending part to the highly sensitive electronic device, from a complete terminal to a presentation system – we produce exactly what you need. And especially how you need it!

We can draw on many years of experience in the electrical engineering industry, medical technology, measurement technology, IT, aviation and telecommunications. Our technical customer consulting team develops the implementation in sheet metal in close cooperation with you. Competence, experience and enthusiasm are our most important factors. Because those factors quickly turn the initial idea into a prototype ready for production.


Assembly of electronic modules.

Our skilled personell assembles all sheet metal, bent parts and electronic components to a single unit.

Assembly of electronic modules at BVS


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