Surface Refinement

Our services as an integrated system provider also include a broad spectrum of surface finishing.

Already after punching or laser cutting of the sheet metal parts, the decorative grinding takes place on our dry grinding machine or wet grinding machine. Depending on the desired surface structure and specified surface standard, we select the appropriate grit sizes of the grinding belts. We round off any sharp edges on our deburring machines. In between, we degrease and clean possible residues on the fully automatic pre-treatment plant, where the parts are simultaneously given corrosion protection.

The sheet metal parts receive a "fresh" paint on the fully automatic powder coating line. Whether for protection, refinement or as a design element, with the huge selection of RAL, NCS or special colours, the products shine in a high-quality look and colour scheme.

First, ferrous metals are pre-treated by means of iron phosphating. Aluminium parts pass through the bath for pickling degreasing. The chemical baths are dosed automatically and are therefore constant, which is regularly checked by our painters. After rinsing, dripping, no-rinse coating (a colourless passivation) and drying of the adhesive water, the actual powder coating takes place. Using self-teaching programming, the painting robots apply the required amount of powder evenly to the workpieces.

For smaller quantities, our specialists take the spraying process into their own hands. Finally the baking in the oven takes place. Depending on the powder used (smooth, fine or coarse-structured powder), the metal now has a surface that not only looks good, but is also protected from the weather and is impact and scratch-resistant. With individual external refinements, your housings or components get that special touch. We print your logo, descriptions, design elements and necessary inscriptions on your products using the screen printing process. You provide us with your printing data, and we create the screen printing film and the negative stencil for the screen. Our experienced staff manually ducks the ordered markings on all surfaces (powder coated, painted, anodized, chromated, ground or raw material).