Flexible bending of sheet metal parts

Exact bending of sheet metal parts, even after dozens of repetitions, we carry out on automatic and manual NC-controlled press brakes from Amada and Trumpf. Three of the 12 press brakes are equipped with robotic systems that perform the required bending operations particularly quickly, and three systems also automatically retrofit the appropriate tools. Starting from a batch size of 10 and four bends, our robot systems are the best choice for an economical bending process. We produce parts with up to three bends using manual press brakes.

The two P2lean bending centres from Salvagnini work in the automatic swing-bending process. The hold-down device clamps the sheet metal securely and the bending beams perform any desired swivel movements in rapid succession in order to achieve different up or down bends. They are mainly used for the economical production of complicated workpieces and any small series or larger batch sizes. Even with larger parts, the machining cycle is very fast and set-up times are minimised. The MAC 2.0 technology ensures very good reproducibility. The machines determine the properties of the material during the cycle by means of an intelligent sensor system that records the exact values of sheet thickness and tensile strength. The bending movement is then corrected.


Are you in the development phase of a new product for your bent parts or housings? Via our fully automated laser bending center Amada LasBend AJ we quickly produce the first prototype and small series for your applications. The sheet metal center is able to realize laser cutting, forming, threading and bending in one system.

Round shapes or ellipses, or triangular shapes are realized on the NC-controlled round bending machine.

Whether automated or manual, the NC-controlled press brakes and bending centres ensure precise, reliable and above all flexible production of bent parts.

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