BVS- all-rounder in sheet metal processing.

As an all-rounder in sheet metal processing, BVS Blechtechnik offers you a wide range of processing methods.

We manufacture sheet metal parts, assemblies and end devices for you in small and large series as well as prototypes.

With our extensive machinery we produce individual housings efficiently with positive cost effects.

According to the requirements of your sheet metal product and the selected material, we coordinate the optimal production process for you - certainly to the best quality.

The process chain for your sheet metal parts and housings at BVS Blechtechnik

Overview processes

Punching/Laser cutting

We have six machines for the metalworking processes punching, nibbling and laser cutting, each equipped with a fully automatic conveyor to a highbay warehouse System. We process difficult-to-cut materials such as copper or brass very precisely using fibre laser technology on two fibre laser cutting machines.

As a further technology for punching and forming sheet metal, we use a CNC punching/nibbling machine and two punch/laser combination machines. Small and medium-sized sheet metal series with complex contours are processed with these machines in a highly productive manner.

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