Versatile sheet metal processing

Versatile sheet metal processing

And this already with lot size one. During the automatic bending process different bending sequences are executed to finally produce a complete product out of one plate.

The P2lean panel bender is designed for processing a frequently changing product range and matches to our wide offer of sheet metal parts. “We use the new panel bender universal for recurring parts. Especially complex items we handle more efficient: once programmed we start a following order almost without any additional set-up times”, explains Roland Steiner, Technical Manager at BVS Blechtechnik. For example, display hoods are bended extremely precise and without moulds to be perfectly processed during the following laser welding. At BVS are running both small and larger batch sizes on the panel bender, which was installed in January. Large parts, which are needed to be handled complexly by the operator during manual bending, are easily manufactured with constant quality.
The intelligent MAC 2.0 technology, a developed algorithm of the manufacturer, guarantees highest precision and repeatability during bending, as well as quality from the first part. This is possible due to known temperature and material characteristics, which are additionally measured through the manipulator and changes are adjusted during the processing cycle. The great thing is that the high productivity is accompanied with a low energy consumption of 5 kW.

The totally automatic bending manipulation in cycle works according to this lean manufacturing process. After manual inlaying the manipulator picks up the panel, centers the blank only once and places the side to be bent in front of the press. Then the blankholder holds the blank firmly in position so that the blades can make any number of bends, up or down, in rapid succession.

Be inspired by the performance of the new system during an on-site visit. We are looking forward to your attendance and will be pleased to advice you about realisation of your bending parts.



Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik