Excellent sheet metal processing.

BVS Blechtechnik is the proud winner of the Euro Blech 2012 award in the category "exemplary customer-manufacturer product development." For BVS Blechtechnik it is a special honor to be awarded for the close and excellent cooperation with the Japanese AMADA sheet metal working machinery manufacturer.

In joint coordination, the AMADA manufacturing center LASBENDAJ has been developed that allows a very flexible use of prototypes and series production. The award was decorated by the editors of trade magazines blechnet and MM Maschinen Markt  in nine categories for the most innovative services.




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On different occasions, BVS BLECHTECHNIK developments have been honoured with awards from the Amada Professional Training Centre in Japan. Last in April 2010 as winner of the Amada Special Award. The Special Award is submitted for outstanding and technical challenging metal products. On each occasion, BVS BLECHTECHNIK was cited as an 'especially outstanding' nominee.